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Understanding Kapha

KAPHA: The Earth Dog Earth and Water combine to form Kapha. Kapha governs structure, form and stability. Kapha Personality: Kapha dogs are possessive, even-tempered,reliable and love to eat! Kapha Mind: Calm, grounded, nurturing and lov…
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Understanding Pitta

PITTA: The Fire Dog Pitta combines the qualities of fire and water. Pitta governs transformation of energy, i.e metabolism. Pitta Personality: Pitta dogs have a handsome personality and are generally the pack leaders. They are strong and fea…
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​ 8 Signs your dog has an out of balance Vata

When Vata dosha is dominant, dry, rough and cool qualities tend to increase in our pet’s external and internal environments. External factors like seasons, humidity, stress, toxins etc can impact our pet’s internal dosha balance. For instance, Vata…
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