​ 8 Signs your dog has an out of balance Vata

Did you know that external factors like seasons, weather and humidity can also impact out pet's internal dosha balance?

As the weather begins to turn dry and cool, and the leaves begin to change color and fall, it is time for us and our pet's to change our daily routine. During fall the cool, dry and rough qualities of vata are aggravated. So, Vata and Pitta dogs are more likely to have an out of balance Vata during this time of the year.

So how do you know that your dog has an out of whack Vata?

We've put a simple chart below to help you identify the imbalance. If you've answered yes to more than three symptoms, then you pet has a out of balance Vata.

1- 3 check marks : If the symptoms are temporary and disappear after a short while, it means that Fido's body is trying to adapt to seasonal changes and is likely to have an out of balance Vata

More than 3 check marks: If symptoms last more than a few days, then Fido has an out whack Vata.

So if you'd like to keep your furkid balanced through the seasons, we recommend that you rotate your pups food and feed then seasonally appropriate foods. Starting a Vata balancing diet routine 1 or 2 weeks prior to start of fall weather helps balance Vata Dosha.

How to create a Vata balancing diet routine?

Start your pups day by feeding a tsp of Vata Turmeric Chips to activate Agni (Digestive Fire).

30 Minutes later you can feed our Vata dog food as a meal or mix 1/3 of Vata Dog Food into your dog's current diet to create a Vata Balancing Meal. Yes, It is really that SIMPLE!  And don't forget to add some extra Omegas.

Understanding Vata, The Air Dog