Ayurveda Detox Routine for Your Pet

Why detox?

According to Ayurveda, Ama is the root cause of disease. Ama is caused by a build up of toxins from excess dosha or from viral or bacterial invasion. This buld up of toxins can accumulate in various places in the body causing blockages and preventing the flow of life energy.

A detox or cleansing routine is as important for dogs as it is people. A detox routine helps eliminate Ama or toxins from body and allows life energy (ojas) to flow through the body.

How do I detox my dog?

The below chart helps create a simple dosha specific detox routine for your dog. During the 10 day detox period, it is important to feed your dog a simple, light and natural diet that is free of preservatives and any other additives. You could choose to feed Curry n Pepper dosha specific meals during the cleanse period or prepare a simple kitchree porridge. Following a plant based diet during the detox period can help reduce Ama.

If you don't know your dog's dosha, take the Dosha Quiz, now its quick and easy!

Other ways to detoxification approaches

Fasting: A 24 hr fast with only water. This one day fasting approach helps reset the digestive system.

Kitchree-Diet Detox: Feeding the Kitchree porridge for 2 weeks can help cleanse the digestive track. Stay tuned Kitchree for dogs recipe coming next on out blog!

Note: It was always recommended to consult your veterinarian before initiating a detox routine for your pet, especially if you pet is on medications or has any medical conditions.