Healing through Essential Oils

You may have heard about the healing properties of essential oils, but did you know they have a similar effect for our pups? Even more interesting is there are also Ayurvedic properties in which specific oils can cure specific ailments based on your dogs dosha!

So, how can essential oils help your dog?

You would be surprised, but there are a remarkable amount of conditions and ailments that essentials oils can help with. From skin irritations to stimulating circulation to even calming anxieties. Essential oils are used more often than not, even right in your vet’s office. They are a more natural and safe way to cure common conditions in dogs, and are a great alternative route to using medication.

How to use essential oils with your dog?

The most important rule based is that less is always more. You should always use 100% pure essential oils and make sure to dilute them before using them on your dog.

A basic guideline is 3-6 drops of oil to 1 oz of carrier oil and be sure to adjust that amount based on the size and age of your dog - less for smaller and senior dogs. You should also use a hydrosol which is a combination of the water soluble parts of a plant with small amounts of the essential oils. Hydrosols are gentle and a by product of the distillation of the plants, but make sure to do your research or consult with a vet as not all are safe for your pet.

What are the general safety tips?

As with anything new with your dog, always keep some basic safety tips in mind and check with your vet if any questions or concerns. The most important tip is to know that dogs are more sensitive to essential oils than we are, so even if you are familiar with them for yourself, you need to remember that it’s a different story with your dog. Here are some of our most recommended tips:

  • Make sure to dilute before use even if it’s for the dog. Inhalation of the oils by the dog is where most of the issues occur.
  • Use essential oils with your dog to address a specific ongoing concern, not for a preventative.
  • Do not add essential oils to your dogs food or water.
  • Avoid using essential oils on dogs under 10 weeks of age.
  • Check with a holistic vet before using on pregnant dogs.
  • Do not use oils on dogs that are epileptic or seizure prone.
  • Be careful not to use the oils close to eyes, ears, close to nose, mucous membranes or the anal/genital areas.

What are the common oils to use with Dogs?

Below are the recommended oils and their benefits that are safe to use on animals.

  • Lavender: This can be used pure or diluted, and can help allergies, burns, ulcers, insomnia, anxiety and motion sickness.
  • Cardamom: Diuretic, anti-bacterial, normalizes appitite, colic, coughs, heartburn and nausea.
  • Chamomile: Anti-inflammatory, non-toxic, great for skin irritations, allergic reactions and burns.
  • Spearmint: Helps to lose weight, good for colic, diarrhea, nausea, balance metabolism, stimulates gallbladder.
  • Thyme: Pain relief, good for arthritis and rheumatism, antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral, great for infections and other skin issues.

Please note it’s important to share that essential oils can be dangerous to dogs when ingested or come into contact with the skin. So best rule of thumb is to always diffuse the oils. A few oils that should always be avoided because they are risky for dogs include tea tree, cinnamon, citrus, pennyroyal, pine, sweet birch, wintergreen and ylang ylang.

Some signs of oil poisoning in dogs include:

  • Muscle tremors
  • Weakness
  • Difficulty walking
  • Excessive saliva
  • Vomiting
  • Excessive pawing at the mouth or face
  • Excessive drooling

Bottom line is that essential oils are a great holistic alternative to use when treating your dog, but always make sure to consult with your vet first. To learn more safety tips, and how to best practice EO therapy with you dog, join us on February 20th in our Facebook Live session! Hetal Sheth, founder of Curry n Pepper and Jasmine Rausch, Founder of Root Yoga Therapy will teach us how essential oils can be used towards the well being and balance of your dogs  by dosha. Sign up and join thru this link: https://www.facebook.com/events/161175078000662/