Importance of Agni, The Digestive Fire

In our last webinar on “Dog Diet by Dosha”, Dr. Sodhi made several references to Agni – The Digestive Fire” , he said – “An Impaired Agni can lead to the accumulation of Ama or Toxins .” A concept that many of us may be familiar with, because it applies to humans, is also equally important for our pet’s well-being.

So, what is Agni?

Agni means digestive fire, enzymes and metabolism. It represents the complex phenomenon of processing and assimilating food in the body.

Agni and our Pet’s

Agni helps convert the food that our pets eat for nourishment – forming blood, tissues, muscles, nourishing bones etc. So a strong, healthy Agni is really important for maintaining your dog’s health. A weak Agni, results in improper digestion. The undigested food accumulates in the gut resulting in toxic metabolic waste, called Ama”.

According to Ayurveda, Ama or Toxic waste is the root cause of all disease . As the toxins accumulate in the body it clogs up the internal channels making the immune system weak. A weak immune system makes our pets vulnerable to infections and disease.

While weak Agni causes Toxin build-up a very intense Agni can cause hyper metabolic conditions in our pets.

The video explains how the different intensities of Agni impact our pet’s well being.

In order to maintain optimal health and well being, it is very important to maintain a “Balanced Agni”.

A “Balanced Agni” helps with all processes of digestion and is essential for overall pet health . If the digestive fire is balanced, then the canine body can create healthy tissues and eliminate waste products effectively. Proper metabolism produces vital energy that imparts strength and immunity to the body, and clarity of mind .