The Holiday Gift Guide

The 2017 Curry ‘n’ Pepper Gift Guide is Here!

Do you know a pawfect little friend who deserves a little extra love this season? We’ve rounded up a gift guide of our favorites that we feel will result in lots of extra nose nuzzles and cuddles. This year we are excited to feature some of our pawtners in success that not only share our love for furbabies, but also do an amazing job at utilizing the success of their business by giving back to the pawmunities. And if that’s not exciting enough we are introducing some new friends to partner up with in 2018 that not only ensure their products are organically made but safe for our pups!!

Energy Animal Healing

Founded by Mary Rose Ardolino, Reiki Energy Animal Healing located in the San Diego area believes that our animal friends need balance too. Animals are just as suspectable to the stresses of daily life as we are that cause emotional distress, pain, trauma, fear and injuries. Many of these can be healed holistically through Reiki, which is exactly what Mary Rose provides not only for dogs, but all animals!

Reiki Energy Animal Healing is a perfect gift for the dog that needs a little extra care. We love Mary’s service because the amazing healing properties of Reiki know no boundries! Not only can they offer healing energy in the San Diego area, but they are able to send healing energy from a distance online providing a relaxed and positive environment for your pooch. Feel the energy here:

Paws and Play Pet Shop

PAWS and PLAY pet shop offers fun and unique accessories for your furry friend! Their products include adjustable collars, leashes, bow(wow)ties, collar corsages and more! Each item is handmade using sturdy metal hardware, colorful trims, fun fabric prints and felt made from recycled plastic bottles. They offer environmentally friendly dog collars and leashes using up-cycled materials such as denim from jeans. All collars and leashes are machine washable/line dry.

This year they teamed up with GstopYbowtie to bring this Naughty or Nice Collection!

GstopYbowtie is a Non-Profit that raises awareness and funds to save pups from the Yulin Dog Meat Festival. The money raised from each Bow-Tie sold goes towards purchasing crates of pups who would otherwise meet a horrific fate! Help save a life

All Natural Dog Beds

All Natural Dog Beds are committed to creating dog beds that are made of organic and natural materials. Pets spend more than half their life sleeping so their goal is to surround them with a healthy environment while they sleep. They use organic fabrics grown and finished in the US and organic fair traded fabrics from India. Their Oeko-Tex certified, Natural Latex mattresses are made with sap from the rubber tree, and are naturally resistant to bacteria, mildew, mold and dust mites and are hand sewn in the USA.

One of our favorite items is their Luxury Sleep In Dog Beds which is one of their coziest creations. Dogs love to snuggle in the sleeping bag compartment. The bed has an organic twill cover while the inside boasts an organic cotton/natural/undyed fleece. It also has a removable fluffy pillow and available in four sizes. Have you pup sleep in luxury!

Three Spoiled Dogs

Located in Charlotte, North Carolina Three Spoiled Dogs offer stylish, high quality dog beds, bandana’s, crate covers & other fine pet products on Etsy.

We fell in love with their festive dog bone stockings that are handmade of cotton. They are available in three festive colors with a beautiful bow perfect for including your pooch with a holiday tradition! In addition they can be customized with your dog’s name, and a jingle bell which will look perfect hanging by your fireplace.

Curry n Pepper Holiday Gift

Lucas B Natural Dog Toys

Lucas b. Natural Dog Toys are made with 100% natural rubber from the sap of Hevea Brasiliensis trees. Free of any harmful chemicals, each toy is made in Morocco and colored with natural, food based dyes and then hand painted by artists with non toxic, permanent, certified lead free paints. Simply they are the safest toys on the planet for your dog.

Colorful, fun and safe these toys are perfect stocking stuffers for your pup! From traditions balls, to feisty fish and goofy camels, you’ll be sure to win over their hearts with these fun toys here:

Curry ‘n’ Pepper

To round off our holiday gift guide full of comforting gifts for your pet, we wanted to share a few of our favorite bath and body products that are sure to give Fido a holiday that is comparable to a winter spa get-away.

Our products are all handmade, and Ayurvedic based perfect for a refreshing bath, soothing chapped noses or cracked paws and refreshing that...ahem...doggie breathe. Prepared to meet the needs of your dog’s specific Dosha, you’ll be sure to have very appreciative, and maybe slightly spoiled pooch rewarding you with extra love when they get their holiday gifts. Make sure to take our Dosha quiz here: and then prance over to our Bath and Body page for the perfect product for your dog: see more of our products

We hope you enjoyed our holiday gift giving guide! On behalf of our founder Hetal Sheth, Curry our Creative Product Officer, Pepper our Philanthropist Officer and Brownie our Chief Tasting Officer, we wish everyone a happy, safe and beautiful Holiday season and look forward to sharing a beautiful 2018 with you!