Pepper's Dream

In December of 2012, while visiting family in India we rescued a beautiful street dog (streetie) by the name of Pepper. He was one of thousands of dogs abandoned to the harsh street life in India being forced to fend for themselves. Pepper and the streeties are accustomed to living a life searching for food in the garbage and being brutally beaten and chased away by uncaring families. This with Pepper being the face, along with support of our American rescues, Curry and Brownie, was the inspiration to create our dream of an Ayurveda based pet care company. The mission was to grow and give back to an incredible community of streeties in India!

A Streetie. Photo courtesy: Naman Sheth, Duz Photography

The vision was clear:

  • Having the ability to holistically care for dogs focused on Ayurvedic principles creating products that promote a balanced mind, body and spirit specifically for the Vata, Kapha and Pitta Dosha’s.
  • Ensure responsible and compassionate treatment of the streeties, where they are respected and not feared as well as responsible pet ownership.
  • Love and compassion for all beings.

Fast forward 5 years later, we are now working on partnering with the Charlie’s Animal Rescue Centre in India to help turn Pepper's dream into reality. The CARE center located in the Jakkur Village,Yelahanka Hobli near Bangalore, provides a home for abandoned animals, rehabilitates and re-homes them. Pepper’s dream and one of CARE’s mission is to instill the spirit of kindness to animals in children through education.

We are so honored and excited to join forces with this project and turn Pepper’s dream into a reality. Our goal is change the lives of as many streeties as we can by creating responsible pet parenting, adoption of local breeds and reduce abandonment through education. On December 2nd we welcome you to join us through FB live to tour the CARE facility and learn how you can stay informed of updates and get involved so we may bring Pepper’s dream to a realization!