Understanding Vata

Now that you've discovered your pet’s dosha, let’s take a look at how the dosha's govern our pets mind, body and soul.

VATA: The Air Dog

A dog with a dominant Vata dosha is characterized by the qualities of Space and Air. Vata controls all movements of the mind and body.

Vata Personality:

A happy, friendly dog who is lively, energetic and finds it hard to stay one place for long time! Vata dogs are generally good communicators.

Vata Mind:

Intelligent, impulsive and quickly learns new tricks. They are easily distracted.

Vata Body:

Vata dogs generally are rather taller or shorter than average, with thin and light body frames that reveal prominent joints and bones. Eyes may be sunken and small. The nails may appear rough and brittle. By now if you thinking a grey hound like dog, you are right!

Vata (Air) resides in the hollow spaces (Space) within the body. Its main locations are brain, nerve tissues, skin, ears, joints, bones and colon. Vata governs movement of energy, therefore it controls breathing, barking, movements in the muscles, transmission of impulses through the nervous system, circulation, assimilation of food and elimination of waste.

In balance:

When Vata is balanced, you pet will be happy, have good energy, moves about with ease, easy to train and fun to be with.

Out of balance:

When Vata is out of balance in the mind, it can manifest as fear, anxiety and nervousness. Excess Vata can cause dry skin, dandruff, gas, bloating, constipation, arthritis, neuro-muscular issues, tiredness and impaired circulation..

8 Signs your dog has an out of whack Vata