Managing your Curry n Pepper Subscription


How Dosha Bowl Subscriptions Work

Choose your plan

      • Find out your Dog's Dosha by taking our Dosha Quiz Here
      • Go to Shop and select the Dosha Bowl page that corresponds with your Dog's Dosha
      • Select your plan based on your dog's weight
            • Choose Bi-Weekly if you plan to replace your dog's current food with full meals of Dosha Bowls
            • Choose Monthly if you plan to feed Dosha Bowls as a Dosha Balancing Meal Topper / Food Enhancer
      • Create your Paywhirl account and follow instructions to purchase
      • You will now be subscribed to bi-weekly or monthly shipments of Dosha Bowls
            • Bi-Weekly Subscriptions will ship on the 2nd Wednesday and 4th Wednesday of the month
            • Monthly Subscriptions will ship on the 4th Wednesday of the month

Manage your plan

You can manage your Dosha Bowl Subscription and Account Information through the customer portal created at checkout. To access your portal, go to and login. Within your customer portal, you will be able to make the following changes to your subscription and account information.

      • View upcoming payment dates.
      • Manage existing subscriptions (add / remove and edit existing subscriptions).
      • Manage payment info (add / remove / change payment methods on file).
      • Manage addresses and personal information.
      • Change answers to profile questions.
      • Review invoice and payment history.

A more detailed look  


      • View upcoming payments.
      • View past invoices.


      • View your active subscriptions and billing period dates.
      • Edit or cancel your subscription.
      • Edit payment or shipping information for upcoming, unpaid shipments.

 Payment Methods:

      • Update your payment information.

My Profile:

      • Add addresses and/or make changes to your existing address.

Billing History:

      • View your past payments and the NEXT upcoming invoice for each of your subscriptions.


      • Shows all of the subscription plans you have selected and added to your cart for purchase.


      • View and shop for other subscription plans.


How do I change my billing information?

      • Go to Payment Method and Add a Payment Method.
      • Go to you Subscriptions and select the Plan you wish to update the billing for.
      • Click EDIT and select the unpaid invoice.
      • Click VIEW and edit your payment method towards the bottom of the page.
      • Select USE CARD

How do I change my shipping address?

      • Go to My Profile, select Edit and update your address.
      • Save Address.

How do I cancel my Subscription?

      • Go to Subscriptions and select the one you would like to cancel.
      • Select Cancel.
      • Your Subscription has been canceled.
      • PLEASE NOTE:
          • Weekly Subscriptions: Must cancel the Wednesday prior to the ship date
          • Monthly Subscription: Must cancel the Wednesday prior to the ship date



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